Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Metcircle Networking LLC


Metcircletm Networking LLC is a networking organization founded by Preston Tsao in 1991 for ultra-high-net-worth families.  Based in New York City, the group has approximately 100 member families, located primarily in the New York metropolitan area but also in Florida, Illinois, Texas and around the world.  Recently, Metcircle formed subgroups in Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

We meet privately several times a month, and our meetings are either –

·    Inter-family networking meetings on subjects like asset allocation, favorite investment managers or family office governance.

·    Fund presentation meetings with prominent fund managers like Jim Simons, Henry Kravis or Izzy Englander or with emerging new managers.

·    Thought-leader presentations by experts like William McDonough, former Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve, or Stephen Friedman, former CEO of Goldman Sachs.

·    Special topic meetings on subjects like distress investing, credit default swaps, private equity, municipal bonds, real estate, the credit crisis or emerging markets.  Some of these meetings will feature outside experts, but other meetings will be members-only, especially where there is extensive expertise among members, as is the case with hedge funds, real estate and private equity.

So that out-of-town members may participate, conference call lines are set up for important meetings.

In addition to the meetings, we maintain both a documents-posting site and a website, both password protected.  At the posting site, audios and PowerPoints of important meetings are archived.

Overall the tone of our meetings is relaxed and informal, except with respect to confidentiality, which is strictly observed.

In addition to the Metcircle, Preston Tsao practiced law with Chadbourne & Parke, was a money manager with Schroders and was a healthcare investment banker.

He is a graduate of Princeton University AB 1967 and Columbia Law School JD 1970.

For further information about Metcircle Networking LLC, please contact --

Preston Tsao
Sole Managing Member
Metcircle Networking LLC